ZBS Clients

After creating technology and process solutions for a major motion picture and television studio, we have become a virtual accounts receivable and credit and collections department for both the traditional Home Entertainment DVD and Blu-Ray business and the new digital business. Our clients’ customers are mass retailers and distributors in both the physical and digital markets such as Wal-Mart, Apple, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Netflix.

Accounts Receivable services include:
  1. Collections
  2. Cash Application
  3. Deduction Management

Collections activities include collecting on invoices, especially those in dispute. Issues must be researched and resolved. Once resolved, adjustments may need to be made.

Cash application services include application of cash receipts received from customers for payment of invoices or payment against chargebacks created as a result of customer deductions. We manage high-volumes of both automated and manual cash application activities performed in a timely manner in order to meet stringent client service level agreements.

We manage deductions related to returns, pricing, shortages, mis-shipments, non-delivery (proof-of-delivery), price protection, rebates, and others. Once a deduction is taken by the customer, it must be researched and resolved, resulting in payment by the customer or credit to the customer.